Smells like…

18 09 2006

When I drop off Eliana in the morning, I usually have my MP3 player full of tech podcasts to help make my drive to work more productive and informative. This morning, I hadn’t loaded up my content, and decided to instead go old school and turn on the radio. So, the morning DJs were blabbing on about some weird topic, when they finally played a song. The song they played was “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. I cranked up the sound (to a reasonable level for my daughter) and we rocked out untill we got to her school.

This little moment of fun made me realize that there are many more great times ahead where I can share many of my favorite things with my daughter. My only hope is that I will be cool and fun enough for her when she gets to high school that she will be ok listening to lots of other Nirvana songs with her dad. I hope that when we start cycling together, I don’t get too old for her and become embarassing. I hope that she will enjoy the things I share with her because these are things that I enjoy and I find that I enjoy them even more when she is there.




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