You missed it

23 09 2006

Annabelle has been determined to walk ever since she started to crawl. When we would hold her on our lap, she would pull herself up a little and fall back. When we supported her, she would be ecstatic that she was on two legs, and quickly fall back on her bottom.

In the last day or two, my wife has been telling me that she has been able to stand on her own for a couple of seconds. However, this neat little trick has yet to occur in my presence. I’m eager to grab a picture of Annabelle actually standing on her own with no support from any nearby objects. But everytime I have the camera ready, she doesn’t seem interested in try to perfect her newfound skill.

Annabelle seems very determined to walk far sooner than her sister. Luckily I was there when Eliana took her first steps, and I was able to video tape them (now I just need to find them). (I say luckily because at the time I had to live in Phoenix while my wife and Eliana lived in Tucson).
Hopefully, I will be there again when Annabelle takes her true first steps and help to encourge her progress.




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