Another sick day

26 09 2006

Yesterday, everything was normal. I woke up as normal, got ready for work as normal, and Eliana went to school as normal.  However, after lunch, I recieved a text message from my wife notifying me that Eliana had a fever and was sick at school.  While we don’t like it when Eliana gets sick, we expect that sometimes it will happen given her daily proximity to so many germs.

What makes this sick day different from previous sick days is what we believe caused her illness. On the way home, Eliana hurled in the car.  I wasn’t happy with that, however, I felt worse for how bad Eliana was feeling than for the fact that my wife and I would have a mess to clean up later (and that the smell could last for a while). After we got home, Eliana started to feel better. We figured that was because she got some bad food out of her system. She said she was a little hungry, so I gave her as little food as I could.  A while later, the chunks came again, this time, all over the kitchen floor. I was a little more agitated this time, but then I realized that she was still a 2 year old, and probably doesn’t know how to listen to what her body tells her.

And, not listening to her body is what I believe caused this small illness. When Eliana made a mess all over the kitchen floor, the contents of her stomach were revealed: 3 day old food. We believe that her body had simply not digested her food because she swallowed much of it whole.  Prior to ralphing, Eliana had a fairly round belly to which we have become acustomed. Afterwards, her belly was a more reasonable size for a child her age (not protruding out like a beer belly).

Today, she was well enough to spend the whole day at school. When we got home, and had dinner, we made it a point to be patient with her eating dinner and encourage her to chew as much as possible prior to swallowing her food. It took us nearly an hour before she said she was done, but I think our typical fast paced eating style has been noticed by Eliana and thus in order for her to finish her meal at the same time we do, she would swallow much of her food. This lead to her being hungry at odd times, and of course, the abnormally sized belly.

We’re going to try to slow down our eating pace from here on in and try to be more patient with her eating.  For today at least, it seems to have a positive effect as she chewed more of her food than usual. It’s a start.




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