27 09 2006

As usual, I picked up Eliana from school, and promptly instructed her to get her stuff to go home. She replied that she had to go to the bathroom. As usual. We gathered her stuff and headed for the restroom. Normally in the stall, I help Eliana get her pants down and lift her onto the seat. This time was the first time she said she didn’t want my help. I was a little shocked, albeit, completely ok with her decision. I was glad to notice that Eliana is showing signs of independence, and I want to be a positive influence.

I have always been a little nervous with Eliana regarding naked-ness, namely hers and mine. I was reading in the official guide to parenting and child rearing that after about age 3, I should not be taking a shower with her as it will confuse her. In fact, I shouldn’t even let her see me naked. I would take that as a positive change, because although I have grown accustomed to Eliana seeing me in the shower, the older she gets, the more questions I know she is going to ask. These questions, although inevitable, will surely be easier to answer if I am not the contextual basis for them.




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