A Night for Football

30 09 2006

Tonite, Eliana, our friend Erick and I attended the Arizona v. Washington football game at Arizona Stadium in Tucson. Every time football season comes around these days, I always have flashbacks to the days when I was in school and young and had a team that could win a few home games here and there. I remember the quirky things we did in the stands like standing for the whole game.  Nowadays, I sit for most of it mostly because when I do get to go, I’m not in the student section anymore (I try to be curtious).  We would yell crazy things, and high five each other when a Wildcat scored a touchdown.  It was me and a core group that attended the majority of the games during our collective college years.

We sat next to an older couple cheering for the Huskies. They were very nice, and gave Eliana a Husky pom-pom.  A few times, I was able cheer for the ‘Cats when they scored. It was fun for me when that happened.  When the game started, they launched some small fireworks; Eliana was frightened of them. I wanted to let her have an over-priced stadium hot dog, but we had a gigantic dinner at Bison Witches. A must stop before any football game.

I brought Eliana to the game to try to give her that sense of fun and excitement that only a large sporting event can give.  I hope that the memories that Eliana carries with her are not of the play by play, but of the general feeling of joy, excitement and the fun times she and I will share together cheering on our team to victory. Of course, it will help when our team finally is victorious.




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