Extreme Makeover: Casademora Edition

7 10 2006

No, we didn’t get selected to participate in the extreme makeover show. If you know us well, you know that we are not doing too bad, and are not living in a house that is soon to be condemned because we have 20 kids living here and the roof is leaking, and my legs aren’t broke so I can’t work at the factory…er, yeah….that’s not us.

Since we decided to sell the house, we are sort of in a race to get things cleaned up so that when it goes up for sale on the market, it is ready and presentable to any potential buyers. Our game plan is simple: make the house look good, so that buyers know that we took care of the house, and so that they can see how well the house can be in their hands. Well, pulling this off is easier said than done. It pretty much involves us doing all the items on our own to-do lists that we’ve managed to build up over the past few months. Granted, this build up hasn’t occured over the span of several years, nevertheless, there is much to be done.

After cleaning and rearrainging the rooms, we decided that we should tackle items related to house presentation, such as adding some more plants to the house to make it feel more cozy. Adding some lighting, and some generic model house type pictures. With no sense of what or how we want to decorate, we decided to make a trip to our neighborhood Ikea store. What a madhouse it was during the day. We managed to spend a good chunk of change on plants, pictures, curtains and other household doo-dads that will help our house look better than the other ones for sale in our neighborhood.

So, while this is tiring work, and I may not be able to ride my bike this weekend (which is not good since next weekend is a monster 92 mile trek around Cochise county), the time and money we are now putting into our house seems worth it, and a little overdue. Out thought is if we are unable to sell the house, then at least we can live in a house where we love the interior decorations.




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