I’m a softie

9 10 2006

A while ago, I noticed my temperment for all things child has softened.  Before I used to be a little hard nosed about them, not really paying as much attention to the stories or kids. I guess I was just a macho guy doing my macho guy thing.

One day while watching Eliana in her swimming lesson, I noticed myself cheering when she was able to successfully float, or swim or anything that the teacher asked and she was able to do well.  I was just so happy for her, that I started to clap and yell out “Good job”, but then I remembered that I was behind a sheet of plexiglass, and she probably couldn’t hear me; although the other parents there surely would.  While I think they would understand, I was still out of my element, and a little embarassed.  I silently cheered on Eliana for teh rest of her swim lesson.  When she was done and came out the door, I covered her with her towel and gave her a great big “Good job!”, and “Was that fun!?”.

I also noticed how soft I am now because I listen to kids stories, and I understand the humor and simple battles won by the child or the parents or both.  The challenges of walking, talking, eating and ultimately learning and being social are just some of the everyday things all of us parents face.  I feel “in the club” now, even though I also still don’t feel all that old yet.




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