Big scary world

10 10 2006

The news these days is pretty dire. I hadn’t been listening to main-stream media for the longest time because I know it’s just so depressing. Instead, I tune into podcasts because they are not main-stream, there is good information, and it’s more portable. But, recently my main computer has gone on hiatus, and I’ve been forced to listed to the good ol’ radio on the way to work.

Last week, there were 3 seperate school shootings which left many people dead, and many other lives shattered to pick up the pieces.  With in the past couple of days, in the Phoenix area, some guy was able to make his way into a home with only an 11-year-old girl inside, and molested her. Tonite, on Frontline, and recently on the 5th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, I was reminded just how violent people are in this world, and that there are people whose only purpose in life is to kill other people. If this isn’t depressing, just knowing that there are countless asteroids with our planet written all over it makes things just all the more depressing.

Before, I used to hear this stuff and be scared for myself, and perhaps others whom I wish no harm against. I think of the people affected by these heinous crimes, and think that all they were doing was going about their daily lives, with no real argument with the people who believe they just sacrificed themselves for their god.  Now, I am terrified of the world in which my children will grow up. Having two girls makes for much stress, that’s a given, but all I want for them is to grow up and have a great life for themselves.  I hope they find it in their hearts to help others along the way. But, I fear much of that goal will be severely tested in the coming years as I hope I can fend of sexual predators, abusive boyfriends, or teachers who have only their interests in mind.  And, that isn’t even to mention the sorts of violent things that have happened in the news recently.

I am scared of the world I have brought my daughters into. They have done nothing wrong, yet they will undoubtedly be targeted by someone who thinks that harming them will solve their own problem. I only hope I can be their at the right time to help them when they need it most.




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