First vs. Second

11 10 2006

Eliana and Annabelle have been two different babies from the start.

Eliana was born wide-eyed, and seemed calm in my grasp. Annabelle was very tired after borth, and seemed more comfortable with her mother.

Annabelle crawls on all fours, and doesn’t use her knees too much. Eliana would not only use her knees, but she would also push herself backwards. One time she even got herself stuck in the kitchen cabinet.

Eliana never met food she didn’t like (except for the occasional vegetable). Annabelle is a much more picky eater.

Eliana was at or near the 99th percentile in weight at every scheduled checkup. Annabelle has been in the bottom third for most of her life. She has even been as low as 10th percentile.

Eliana had a baby shower prior to her birth. Annabelle is getting hand-me-downs.

Eliana has been to South Korea to meet her mother’s family. Annabelle has not.

Eliana is naturally dark skinned. Annabelle has a much lighter complexion.

Eliana was somewhat simple to put to bed. She would (and still does) listen to my order for her bed time. She stays put (most of the time) and is able to put herself to sleep. Annabelle is not quite at that age. However, Annabelle has the most annoying trait of all: when she is sleepy, she cries. Annabelle prefers to fall asleep on my shoulder. When I go to put her down, after she is alseep, she wakes up, and starts crying all over again. It’s a vicious never-ending cycle.

While Eliana and Annabelle are sisters, they sometimes feel like completely opposite personalities. One thing is for certain, it seems that they both have that sisterly fondness for one another. When Eliana is asleep in the morning, Annabelle seeks her out and is very excited to see her. When I bring Eliana home from school, Annabelle makes her way to the door and smiles and both of us, but I know she wants to play with Eliana. Eliana loves to play with Annabelle as well. When we are going home from school, Eliana sometimes asks “Where did sister go?”. When Annabelle is present when Eliana wakes up in the morning, she has a huge grin. Most times she’ll even give sister a hug. I enjoy knowing that these two siblings have grown fond of one another, and will always have each other to turn to for help that cannot come from me. It will be fun watching these two little girls grow up into two little women.




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