I am a Role Model

16 10 2006

Recently Eliana has been following me and doing almost everything I do. It’s sincere form of flattery and her love for her father, I’m sure. But, for all the good habits that she will pick up, I am also afraid of all my bad habits which she will also take away. I don’t want to be one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” kind of people, so I have come to the realization, I must role model the good habits all the time. And, building on this epiphany, I have also come to see that this kind of role modeling can extend into so many other parts of my life where I think I can make a difference.

I remember hearing from my Mom that I did the same sorts of things with my dad when I was Eliana’s current age. I would tie my shoes with my dad, and follow him around. Now, Eliana does the same to me. And, while I think my Dad did a good job over all, I think that we are now so different. There will be times when Eliana and I have different viewpoints.  However, the distinction I want to make with I and my father’s differing viewpoints is that I’m more open to changing mine. I hope Eliana (and eventually her sister) can learn to make good decisions, and to help teach me things about life and the world that I wouldn’t know otherwise. It is silly to think that just because you are older, you are automatically smarter and wiser than those younger than you. So, while I can role model habits, good and bad, to my kids, they will also have a thing or two to teach me over the next several years.




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