Stuffed Animal Security

20 10 2006

Of all the toys I thought I would ever want to give my kids, I always thought that the stuffed animals would be the best. I think I always felt secure with my stuffed animals growing up, and I hope my kids feel the same way.

Tonite, I was putting Eliana to sleep, and she usually asks for things to help comfort her to sleep. One thing she usually asks for is her giraffe. Geoffry, is in the Toys’R’Us giraffe, was a Christmas gift to Eliana last year. She never played with it until she started to learn about animals. Today, I asked if she wanted her giraffe, and she nodded in approval. She then put her arm around its neck and tugged it close to her ever so slightly. She then motioned for me to lift the blanket so the giraffe would be next to her. Just that act took me back to the aforementioned thought about stuffed animals and their feeling of security.




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