No Sleep

24 10 2006

Annabelle has never gone willingly. Whenever she is the slightest bit tired, she starts crying and yelling as if we were punishing her.  In fact, we never do anything except try to comfort her to sleep. Most times, after about 30 minutes of no stop crying, lots of squirming around and occasional yelling she settles to sleep. I have to guess that this is because she finally gets tired enough that she just doesn’t have the energy to fight it anymore.

Right now, Annabelle has been at the yelling and screamming for at least an hour.  I have given up trying to calm her because her yelling makes her hot and sweaty, which makes me hot and sweaty, and then no one is comfortable enough to sleep. I left her on the bed, covered in blankets with the door open so I can hear her crying from down stairs. At least it’s tolerable from this distance.  Normally I’m getting the full blast from my should straight into my ear.

One thing is puzzling in that tonite, she seems to not be yelling so much. It almost seems that she is closing her mouth on her own to keep from screaming. It’s an odd sound, as if someone covered her mouth with their hand. I hope she doesn’t hurt herself doing this. However, I think this is part of the process of growing up. It is something we had to do with Eliana as well. Annabelle just has not learned to calm herself down at night because of the poor habits she became acustomed to as a smaller infant.

When she was only a month or two old, we heard something strange in her breathing, almost like a sinus problem. We were later informed by the doctor, that babies do develop sinus tracts until they are older than 2 or 3. This lead her mom to keep her close at night and comfort her with her natural pacifier.  Needless to say, Annabelle liked this treatment, and doesn’t want it ot go away. While I realize she is still a baby, she has some growing up to do.




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