29 10 2006

For Eliana’s first Halloween, my mom made her a Snow White costume that was extremely adorable. We wanted to follow this up with another great character. We ventured to the Disney store a few days before Halloween to find a pre-made costume of some cute Disney character. We knew our selection would be limited to the stock on hand, and we were almost fortunate to find a Tinkerbell costume in her size. However, the matching slippers were not, so that was the end of that idea. The rest of the costumes were not that great, so I was almost ready to return to my mom and ask for her to make her costume again (and at the last minute).

While Jeong was looking though the rest of the last minute costumes, hoping to find something usable, I went to look at the stuffed characters. I figured, we weren’t going to find anything in those costumes, so I turned my attention elsewhere. While nosing through the giant pile of characters, I noticed a little blue guy. It was Stitch, one of my favorite characters. I started thinking, “what if Eliana was Lilo, that would be cute”. Eureka! My mom and dad had recently visited Hawaii and brought her back a couple of nice flower dresses. She could wear that, hold the Stitch doll, and viola, we have as cute and pretty a costume you can get. I was a genious. Not only would her costume be a doll and a dress she already had, she could play with Stitch long after Halloween was over.

A few days later, I took Eliana to a University of Arizona Women’s Volleyball game. They were having a Halloween theme complete with trick-or-treating around the arena. The bonus was the costume contest. I signed her up, and during the break after the 3rd game, all the kids with costumes went down to the court to show everyone their costume, and be judged by the audience. There were some really awesome costumes, and some that were obviously last minute. Some were very creative. Some weren’t. There were kids of all ages, from 2 (Eliana was the youngest) to about 10 or 11. There was another little boy about Eliana’s age that went as Bob the Builder who was cute.

Since Eliana was not even 2 years old, I went down to the court with her and got in line with everyone else. We were the last ones in line. Once the teams cleared the floor, we were directed to center court. Judging began when the announcer began reading off kids’ names, their character, and by asking the audience to clap for how well they liked a particular costume. I marked down Eliana’s name and age, and her costume was “Lilo”. However, when her turn came, he saw the Stitch doll and announced her as “Lilo and Stitch”. Everyone in the place loved it, and she got a huge applause. I was shocked.

Next was the top three go on to the second round to be rejudged by the audience. I remember Wilma the Wildcat was a selection, but I can’t remember the other child’s costume, but the last selection in the running was Eliana! Again, announced as Lilo and Stitch, I thought we had a chance until Wilma the Wildcat was announced. We were, after all, in Wildcat central, so I shouldn’t be too surprised. I would like to think that Eliana did get a strong second place of the voting. Our prize was a free Domino’s pizza. As I recall, we made sure she got to eat some, even though she wasn’t eating “grown up food” at the time.

For the rest of the match, people who walked by would tell me that they cheered the loudest for her. I was beaming, and I hope I gave a proper response to those nice people. I was proud of my crazy idea, but I was more proud of having a beautiful daughter that will go on to do many good things in her life; even if she is still not yet two years old. I wish someone else had gone with me to take pictures of us on the court, because this will be one of my most treasured memories of me and Eliana.




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