Happy Halloween

31 10 2006

Annabelle was pretty tired after this evenings romp around the neighborhood for some free candy. She got all the ooo’s and aahhh’s from the people handing out candy. Baby girls always draw the “Oh, how cute” response…

Tonite was the one night of the year where we wander from house to house soliciting strangers for free candy.  This was the first year we all went out as a family trick-or-treating. We went to a coworkers neighborhood because I figured out neighborhood was so new, that there wouldn’t be too many kids out or people handing out candy.

Eliana was not very familiar with the concept of trick or treating. She wasn’t sure what the bag was for, and was a little shy about approaching strange people.  However, she did know what candy was, so all we had to do was tell her that everyone was giving her candy, and she was running from house to house as fast as we could go. Some houses were very well decorated, but most didn’t have more than a single skeleton or a decorative ghost hanging. Eliana was a great big sister because when she grabbed her candy, she would grab one for Annabelle.  Occasionally she would grab one and say “Mommy” and give it to her mom.

One thing that we noticed was that there were a few houses that would leave the candy out in front of the door and leave a note for the kids to grab one and leave some for everyone. This kind of approach is missing the real benefit of this kids holiday. Getting out of the house, meeting your neighbors, and having a good time with your friends and family while handing out candy is really the best part of this holiday. We saw a few house groups doing this on our outing, so overall, the neighborhood we went to was rather balanced.

It was a good night to spend with the family starting a new family tradition.




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