Milestone: Toilet Training

31 10 2006

Eliana has been half toilet trained for quite a while now.  A few months ago, we decided that she should get out of diapers.  Our strategy was to keep her underwear off all day while we were home.  She was good about not just going anywhere, so we were ok with this plan of attack.  Within a few days, she was able to tell us when she had to go number 1, and would ask us to go help her onto the toilet. We thought this was the tough part, and figured she would do the same for number 2.  Not by a long shot.

Since then, she’s been going in her underwear, leaving a smelly mess behind. She would go off to a corner, or just be quiet for a few seconds, and then let it out. It was pretty obvious when this happened, because it didn’t smell too nice. She would do this at school (daycare) too because I would have to bring back her soiled underwear to be washed. It wasn’t the best part of coming home.

Yesterday, when I picked her up from school, we headed to the bathroom before we left.  This has become our normal routine for a while. She wanted me out of the bathroom, and didn’t want my help. The toilets at the school are just the right hieght for her short stature. She had a little trouble getting her pants down, but she managed, and went to do her task.  I thought she was just going to do number 1, as usual. However, I thought I heard her say “I poop” while she was on the toilet. I know the streaming sound of number 1 was done, and she was still on the toilet. I still wasn’t sure she was indeed doing what we have asked her to do since we started the toilet training journey. Violating her request, I ventured into the bathroom to see, and low and behold, she had done it. It was not the prettiest sight, but a somewhat welcome sight, nevertheless.

I think being in school, in addition to our constant requests have motivated Eliana to poop in the toilet. Either way, we can move on to the next big milestone, whatever that may be.




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