The Bear is Sleeping

2 11 2006

Tonite, my parents came up to see us and the kids. I wish they could have stayed longer to help with the kids, but I can only ask so much since they work full time. While they were here, Eliana wanted to see one of the new movies we bought over the weekend: Brother Bear.

Brother Bear is a Disney movie, but there was one scene that I was not prepared for as a father. Eliana is just learning about animals (since our trip to the zoo) and wanted to watch the movie because of the bear. When the movie started, she was saying about every 5 seconds “where did the bear go?”. My dad was sitting next to us and was having quite a chuckle. However, early on in the movie, the main character is in a battle with the bear. The bear is not at all cute of cuddly, but is instead shown as a real life bear is: defensive when provoked. Eliana doesn’t recognize this yet (I think), and throught parts of the battle is still asking “where did the bear go?”. But at the end of the scene, the bear dies. Eliana asks yet again, “where did the bear go?”. The scene then switches to a shot of the bear and the main character after the battle, with the bear motionless. Eliana sees this and says “the bear is sleeping”.

While this wasn’t the time to explain life and death to a 2 year old, it did remoind me that there are going to be some even more difficult hurdles coming in the future with death, sex and drugs all being topics of conversation. My hope is that I explain the positives of sex, and the consquences of her decisions regarding drugs in a such a way that she won’t want to even try them. Death, well, that is something we’ll deal with when the time comes. Hopefully, we’ll just be talking about a goldfish.




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