Maddy’s Birthday Party

5 11 2006

Today, we were invited to Maddy’s Birthday Party. Maddy is Eliana’s classmate, and yesterday she turned 3 years old. The party was at The Little Gym in Gilbert, AZ.

The Little Gym is a gymnastics studio for little children. It’s a great place to have a small birthday party. It wasn’t as loud and noisy as the party we went to for Eliana’s friend, Maya. While that was a nice play area, it seemed that everyone was on their own until we had pizza.  The Little Gym offered a more cozy play area with activities that involved the entire group of children.  I was actually amazed at how quickly the time went by, as I was having as much fun as the kids. I was also trying my best to take as many pictures as possible.

When we arrived, there was a gym leader present to collect the gifts. He was a nice guy, probably about my age. After I removed Eliana’s socks and shoes, we headed to the gym. It was a big play area, with another female gym leader waiting inside.  When I entered the gym room, I thought this area was geared more for teaching gymnastics to children, olympic style, than having fun.  But, after the first activity, I was proven wrong. The gym leaders were very kid friendly (almost a little too corny in some cases, but I don’t think the kids cared). There was a good mix of free play and organized activities.  It took Eliana a little time to get warmed up to the situation as it was very new to her. Soon, the gym leaders brought out an inflatable jumping platform. It was like a jumping castle, except that it had no top or sides, and it was rectangular, not square. Eliana was a little scared at first because they had the kids sit on it while it was inflated. One kid cried. Being a supportive dad, I helped Eliana start jumping. She immediately figured out what to do next, and started running and jumping all over the mat.

Pizza time came all too quickly, but it was after several fun kid activities. The pizza and cake was provided by Maddy’s parents, who were kind enough to reserve the gym as well. The room was small, but fit our party well. It is always fun to watch each kid eat pizza in their own unique way.  Eliana sat next to Maddy, and both of them ate their pizza much more calmly than any of the other kids.  It was in the pizza room that I realized, that I was the only dad who came without his wife. The other dad, was Maddy’s dad. Ella’s dad also showed up, but Ella’s mom also came. I didn’t feel too out of place, because I have met most of these people before.

In all, it was a nice afternoon party, even if it did come and go too quickly (it was only an hour and a half long). I hope we can have a party as fun as this for all of Eliana’s friends when she turns 3.

And, on a footnote: Being at this party has showed me that just by having Eliana go to school and meeting people, we are slowly establishing roots here. I was hoping to move out of Arizona so that it wouldn’t be so far for my kids to leave. I even felt that I knew everyone, and was getting comfortable with a certain community. Moving out of state will have to take a little more thought than I had originally planned.




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9 11 2006

정영아 잘 지내지? 마니 바쁘겠구나..난 요즘 재은이가 유치원에 안다닌다고해서 하루종일 재은이랑 지내다 보니 시간가는줄 모르겠구나..전화한다면서 잘 안되고 아무튼 건강하고…

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