Other Languages

8 11 2006

In my neverending quest to better myself, I have tried several times to learn a new language. In college, I completed 2 years of Chinese, and previously in high school, I completed 2 years of Spanish.  I’m not very close to being fluent in either of these languages because I never use them. I’m such a white boy 😦

However, with the recent wave of podcasts on the net (I listen to lots of them, mostly from http://www.twit.tv) , I found a couple that will let me at least keep up with what few foreign language abilities I have, and hopefully acquire a few more. I have been quite hesitant to play these files in the car because of Eliana. Not that she wouldn’t understand them, but rather I would be a little embarrassed in learning in front of her.

But, now that I think about it, there are many more reasons for me to play these files and practice these languages in front of her.  For one, I look stupid to her in many more ways than just blindly repeating some foreign phrases. I am her father, after all. And second, hearing a second, or third or fourth language at her age will only benefit her abilities in the long run. She will learn the new language much faster than me (because her brain is still in a constant state of building new neural connections), and she may be my practice buddy in the near future.  What a concept! And, she can also motivate and harass me when I don’t play the daily lesson and help me to stay on track.

Above all, my realization lately has been that the only reason I don’t learn something is because I make my own excuses.  While I realized this a while ago (when I started riding my bike), I have had trouble staying motivated for many things. If my kids aren’t reason enough to stay motivated, then nothing is…




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8 11 2006

I liked your post. I can totally relate when you say it’s really easy to think of reasons not to accomplish something, even though it would really be worthwhile to just do it.

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