Where’s her diaper?

14 11 2006

Annabelle sleeps in our bed right now, and her typical sleeping pattern is to slowly go from lying parallel to us, to more of a perpendicular position. And, somehow, she always seems to manange to point her feet at my head, while her head points toward her mom. While the feet in my direction isn’t neccessarily a bad thing, I am on the short end of the stick (wrong end of the baby?) when she starts flailing her legs about. After the first couple of kicks, I tend to grab her legs and point her back into a parallel pattern, which she then readjusts back to her preferred position.

Yesterday, I was sound asleep in my bed, when I felt the all too normal kick in the head from my youngest daughter. I slowly awoke, and there she was with her 10 month old grin, smiling at me. I have to admit, that is such a great sight to wake up to. However, I needed just a few more minutes of rest, so I shut my eye again. Her mother wasn’t there to watch her, as she was downstairs preparing Eliana’s school lunch. As I wasn’t watching either, Annabelle was free to roam the bed. A few months ago, we would have been paranoid of her falling on her own, and that would be enough to get me out of bed. But, after a couple of accidental falls already, I think she know what happens when she gets too close to the edge of the bed.

Back to get my extra five minute snooze. I could hear Annabelle crawling around, and I could feel her grabbing my face, a baby’s attempt to wake up a sleeping adult, I’m sure. It had little effect, but I knew that I still had a few minutes to snooze, and it was fun to let her paw at me (at least she couldn’t poke my eyes). But, after a couple of minutes, I didn’t hear too much commotion from her. Then, her mom walked into the room, and I opened my eyes. Then, I noticed something odd. It was a rolled up diaper. Then I noticed that Annabelle was missing her diaper. I immediately questioned her mom: “Did you take off her diaper?” As she had just walked into the room, her answer was no. So the only other person who could have taken off the diaper was Annabelle. It was really odd that she kind of rolled it up like we do when we change her diaper. Her mom checked the diaper, and it was indeed full, so I am sure Annabelle knew it needed changing. And, she was ready for a new one, because she moved to her back, and was ready to get it strapped on when a clean diaper arrived. But, I think she wanted her mother to put it on, because I had the hardest time to get the diaper on her; she kept wiggling around, not letting me fasten the rear velcro straps to the front of the diaper.

Eliana, as far as I know, did not take off her diaper on her own at this age, or any age, so this little even was quite fascinating for both of us. It shows me that our kids are brilliant and learn everything we do, whether we teach them or not. We need to make sure they pick up our good habits, because the bad ones will most definitely be the hardest to correct.




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