29 11 2006

Annabelle is far more sensative a child to little noises than Eliana ever was. On a typical evening, after dinner, Annabelle gets cranky and is ready for a pre-bedtime nap (she has the most odd sleeping schedule). Lately, I have been tasked with letting her cry on my shoulder for a few minutes (she used to cry for 30 minutes) before finally realizing that my should is indeed a comfortable place for a few winks. Since I am mostly immobile at this point, I typically catch a game on TV or find the one show I like to keep up with, if it is on at all.

A couple weeks ago, when I did this, Annabelle had been asleep for about 5 minutes, when I had something in my nose or throat, and I I had to cough a little to losen it out. I did not put her down and let out a big honking cough, but just a small little one, and it was still enough to wake her up.  What strikes me as odd is that the TV is still on at a normal volume, and I would say that while my throat was closer, it could not have been much louder than the TV. It took another 10 minutes or so to get her back to her napping state.

But, she is getting better. Tonite, she fell asleep on my should with little effort. I made some noise, and she didn’t budge for an hour until she woke herself up. But, now the problem is that everytime she wakes up from one of these naps, she starts crying like crazy because she wants her mom (probably to feed her).  I just hope one of these days she will go to bed on her own, and not rely on us so much. It’s for her own good (what a fatherly thing to say).

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