I can only take so much

30 11 2006

I have always considered myself a patient man. I realize the virtue in waiting for things.  I also believe I am quite understanding of others as I try to put myself in others shoes when others are doing things that are odd to me. However, only two people have I ever met have pushed me beyond all reason. The first was my first college roommate. He was a weird guy; an only child that was balding at 19, and had a couple of rich parents almost dump his off at school 2000 miles from home. They came to visit, but I only saw them once (expected, I suppose).  This guy would turn on this heavy death grind metal while I was 1) watching TV 2) trying to study 3) trying to sleep.  Needless to say, I moved out of that room at the end of the semester and roomed with the best roomate I ever had…but that’s another blog post.

The second person to have ever pushed my buttons beyond all reason is my daughter, Annabelle. Tonite, in combination with her sister, Eliana, their crying almost lead me to a breakdown. I guess it didn’t help that I spent about 3 and a half hours driving today.  I wasn’t in a bad mood when I got home, just a little warn out. After a semi-peaceful dinner, the kids just let me have it.  Almost instantly, Annabelle started crying because she was sleepy.  Then Eliana was not listening to her mother, and had to be sent to bed early. This involved more crying.  It got to the point where I was carrying both Eliana and Annabelle upstairs myself.  Two crying kids, one in each arm, both screaming their heads off because … well, I’m still not sure why. Annabelle always crys when she’s sleepy, but today, she would not stop. Eliana was just having a bad day (I guess she can’t be the perfect 2 year old everyday), and just needed to be reminded who was in charge.  Each reminder is answered with more crying.

This went on for a few minutes, but when I made it to the top of the stairs, both children were put in their beds (or crib) and I left them there to cry it out for a while.  I didn’t want to let their crying push me totally overboard and do something I would later regret.  After about 20 minutes, they were still crying. After I had a few minutes to cool off, and get a break from the crying, I went and tried to get Annabelle to sleep again.  She did, after some more crying. Eliana, well, eventually, we got her pajamas on, and got her ready for bed. She stayed with her mom for a bit before getting to bed.

After nearly 3 years of parenting, I think the only thing that I really cannot take is the crying. It drives me crazy; as I’m sure it drives everyone crazy.  I mentioned I always feel I am quite understanding, and I try to be with our children’s crying.  When Eliana was a newborn, I hated that she cried, but I knew that was her only means of communication. After I took care of her problem, she quieted down rather quickly, and we went on with our merry life.  But, Annabelle’s crying seems to be almost a habit. It’s tough to take, especially after a year of constant torture. I long for the days when both can sleep on their own, by themselves in their own room so we can have a little peace and quiet at least at night.

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