Secret Eater

2 12 2006

Yesterday at Eliana’s school, there was a birthday party for the class. I walked in at the end of the day and saw some left over party favors, a banner that read “Happy Birthday” and a bag of goodies in Eliana’s cubie.  In that bag of goodies were two bags of fruit snacks in the shape of cars.  The theme of the party was from the movie “Cars”. As soon as I went to gather all of Eliana’s stuff, she saw me grab the bag of goodies and shouted “My cars!”. I saw some toy cars in there too, so I told her to get her stuff to go, and I gave her the bag.

As we drove home, Eliana wanted to play with her cars, but then she asked to open her fruit snacks. She was actually able to open the first bag on her own. She started to eat the fruit snacks, but I was able to quickly grab the leftovers from her.  Two remained in a bag that probably had close to 5 or 7 snacks.  It wasn’t even dinner time yet. I encouraged her wait for dinner, and that she could have the fruit snacks after dinner. We made it home before the second bag was opened.

When I arrived home, things seemed to be normal again. Chaos quickly ensued as the baby sister was excited to see her older sister and myself. Kids roamed around the house, as it was meant to be. Just before we sat down at the dinner table, I noticed that Eliana had gone to the bathroom by herself.  I saw the door closed and was actually a little happy to see Eliana in there on her own.  We are still working out some minor kinks in her potty training.  But, soon a short trip to the bathroom seemed a little longer than normal. So I went over and asked Eliana if she was alright. She answered something back that seemed like OK, but I opened the door anyways. What I saw was a bad precursor of things to come: She was sitting on the toilet, as she normally would to do her business in the bathroom, but then I noticed in her hand the second bag of fruit snacks from the party. I was furious. I grabbed the bag from her, and found out that it was already empty. She was used the solitude of the bathroom to quietly, with out our permission, eat the fruit snacks before dinner.

These actions have two huge repercussions. First, this is how Eliana is going to do things without our permission. She will find a quiet place to hid, even away from her sister. Second, her never ending hunger is paramount to our concerns as parents. If this sort of behavior with respect to food continues, I foresee many eating and weight problems in her future. Even more than these, this behavior will have a negative effect on her childhood.  This is sort of the childhood I had, being a larger kid, and I don’t want her to go through the same self-esteem issues I went through as a child. She is a great kid with a fun personality. I don’t want her to hid that in a fat body and feel self-conscious about it

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