A Great Day to Visit the Zoo

10 12 2006

After another trip to the Zoo, we still have not gotten Eliana a good look at the almighty Lion.

Today, Eliana and the rest of the family were invited to celebrate Dominic Tucillo’s third birthday at the Phoenix Zoo. It was a good day to spend outside in the desert. On this trip to the zoo, we decided to take our bikes and the bike trailer for the kids. I thought roaming the zoo on bikes would help keep us from getting tired after visiting the animals. Over all, it ended up being a good idea, but the amount of setup and preparation was a bit on the higher end. We were able to visit every part of the zoo, even though we didn’t see every animal in detail. We passed by the Elephants, the Giraffes, the Squirrel Monkeys and several other large zoo animals. But first thing was first, we headed over to the Bush house to meed our party. We arrive a little late because the trail to the Bush house wasn’t as obvious on a bike. It also required us to dismount and walk along a dirt trail. The first few minutes were great because some zoo volunteers provided a hands on introduction to three small zoo animals. I think they weren’t used to talking to 3 year olds because a lot the kids seemed more interested in touching the animals than learning about them. I was listening, so their effort wasn’t totally for not.

Afterwards, we moved to a ramada next to a lake and sang Happy Birthday to Dominic. We had cake and ice cream and watched the ducks. There were also crafts and coloring activities for the kids, it was a good thing to do for young kids with short attention spans. As part of the package, we Eliana and I got a free ride on the central carousel. She got to sit on the Lion. She loved it. We saw her friends when we were done. I wanted to make sure Dominic and his mom knew we appreciated their gift to us on his birthday, so I asked Eliana to tell Dominic thank you, and to give him a hug. I wasn’t looking when i heard a little smacking sound. And I’m not talking about a punch, but lip smacking. Apparently, Dominic gave Eliana a little kiss. I think Eliana liked it because she smiled and ran away very excited and happy. It was great to see her like that, but I can only dread the times to come with her and future boyfriends. I guess I should enjoy her while she’s young.

So, we toured the zoo after the party, and saw several animals. After seeing the monkeys first hand (getting in the cage with them) she started to get a little tired. We made it to another few exhibits when she decided that she didn’t want to get out of the trailer any more. Although, she did peak out of the trailer to see the elephants, she stayed inside for the rest of the visit. It was only a few more minutes, when we stopped at another exhibit we thought she would like that we realized that she was alseep. Of course, it happened that the animals we came to when she was sleep were the Lions. And the Lions were out and present for everyone to see. A big male and female lion were sitting proud, as if they liked to show off. I was kind of sad that Eliana didn’t get to see them. At least we got a picture so that we can tell her we saw the lion.

We left the zoo after seeing the Lions because both kids were alseep, and it was time for lunch. We decided that even though we didn’t see the whole zoo today, we would make more of an effort to go see the zoo more often, and bring our bikes as well. This was one of the best family days we’ve had together in a long time. Thanks Dominic for having a birthday party, and inviting Eliana!

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10 12 2006
Uncle Joe

Thats really cool. I’m glad that you can have a family outing that incorporates things that everybody likes to do. Thats super special!

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