Yellow Ledbetter

12 12 2006

Last night, was another milestone of sorts. Eliana had a little too much water before bedtime, and had an accident in her bed. (I know, she will probably be angry at me in the future for posting this kind of knowledge on the internet, but this is blog is all about her and her sister.) I was half asleep when it happened, and really, I didn’t even get up. I heard Eliana crying…for a while. Last night was also the first time I got the two girls to sleep in their own beds. I was afraid Eliana’s crying would wake up her sensitive sister. So, as any self respecting dad would do, I asked her mom to get her and calm her down. I didn’t know she wet her bed until they both came in the room.  So, I think she cleaned her up, wiped her down and changed her clothes. Next thing I knew Eliana was asleep in her makeshift bed next to mine, on the floor.

I was hoping Eliana wouldn’t become a bedwetter.  Painfully, I will admit my childhood problems of this nature as well. I think even at her young age, she was embarrassed for this to happen to her, if not a little freaked out because it was the first time. In order to save her from similar trauma in the future, I think we’re going to have to set a rule before bedtime: no water, or stay in bathroom until you empty your bladder. I’ll tell her in two year old terms…

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