Hot, Too Hot!

19 12 2006

Last Saturday was Eliana’s final swimming lesson for the year. As a year ending finale, we decided to have lunch at Baja Fresh. Eliana was asking for a burrito, and we hadn’t been there in quite a while.  Baja Fresh is no where near authentic, however, it is still a good healthy place for a burrito from which you can be sure was made in a sanitarty environment.

As part of any burrito I get, I headed for the salsa bar. At Baja Fresh, there are only five flavors: mild, medium, hot, vedre and medium smoked.   If it’s not hot or mild, then it’s medium. Either way, I always enjoy my burritos with the hottest hot salsa available. Needless to say, the hot salsa at baja fresh is still medium at a good place, but that’s not the story here.  I loaded up with two little plastic containers of: mild, medium, verde, and hot.  When our burritos came, I took a bite, kind of like biting the top off a fine cigar. This was so that I could pour a big scoop of hot salsa on my burrito.  (This is the best way to get salsa with every bite, by the way.)  After a yummie first bite (I’m hungry now, aren’t you?) I looked at Eliana, who said “Salsa” as she pointed to her slice of tortilla.  She has grow accustomed to dipping her chips or tortilla in salsa.  And usually, she wants to dip it in the same salsa we do.

So, knowing that this is still hot salsa for the uninitiated salsa conesour,  I let her load up.  I figured that Eliana would learn from the mistake she is about to make.  She will learn that even though I can eat hot salsa, she is probably better off eating salsa that I give her.  So, while I was trying to teach my daughter an important lesson, I still couldn’t help but chuckle at her reaction to the hot salsa.  Usually people will hold their mouth open or something, even a two year old.  Her reaction was a little slower.  First she acted like nothing happened, moving on to the next item of food.  Then, I noticed her chugging her glass of water.  It was at least a minute before I saw her face again.  Knowing the effects of hot salsa on one’s mouth, we offered her a piece of tortilla. She wanted a couple more pieces as it helped, and she just likes tortilla.

I hope Eliana learned an important lesson that day, if not, it was still humerous, even if it was at my two year old’s expence.




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