So Busy

4 01 2007

Ever since the Holiday season came along, we’ve been an extremely busy household.  I’m sure this is the way it is in most households with children running around wreaking havoc on their parents’ sanity, but this is new to us. We are generally a laid-back family that takes things as they come. We would schedule a thing or two here or there; a visit to the park, for example. Or perhaps next week, we would try to go to the Zoo.  Oh, a basketball game is coming up, let’s try to go to that! But those days are long gone.

It has been so busy, in fact, that I have missed out on several awesome posts that have crept up over the past couple of weeks:

Christmas in Review
Working when everyone else is on vacation
Eliana’s new big sister
Our New Years’ Resolutions
Finally, some exercise

I’ll have to fill in these posts today, but it’s going to be a huge backlog…and the flurry of activity doesn’t stop now that the holidays are over.  Next up is Annabelle’s First Year birthday party.  If you did not get an invite, as I may have done, please send me an email, and I’ll forward you the directions.

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