Eliana’s New Big Sister

5 01 2007

The weekend between Christmas and New Year’s, my Aunt and Uncle came to visit us from Fresno, CA.  Along for the ride was their granddaughter, Xol. I remember playing with Xol when she was less than a year old. Back then was far before my own parenting days, and I was almost afraid to touch a child for fear of hurting them.  I remember my cousin telling me she had the same fear initially, but then realized how resilient babies are. 

Fast forward several years, and not only is Xol 7 years old, but my daughter is now nearly 3 years old herself.  When my aunt and uncle entered the house, Eliana ran behind me and my wife in shyness. Xol came in afterwards, and Eliana was still peering at them through our legs. After a nice dinner, Eliana began to warm up to everyone, especially Xol.  Xol and Eliana finished their food first, and they were soon off to play together upstairs.  I thought that this is was Eliana needs, an older girl to play with more often. And, she loved to play with Xol. I hope Xol wasn’t too annoyed by Eliana, but Eliana became Xol’s shadown while they were in the same room together. When Xol went to get a drink, her shadow followed her to the kitchen. At first, Eliana wanted to sleep in the same room as Xol, but was perhaps held back by her shyness again. That was OK.

After a couple of days, everyone went to visit another uncle in town who was being visited by yet a third uncle who had come to visit us, also from Fresno. We decided to take two cars, with Xol riding in her designated car, and Eliana with me. After we took a few photos of the young ones together, we were ready to head out.  Xol packed up and headed to her designated car, while I steered Eliana to my car.  Instantly Eliana became quite upset. She didn’t want to get into the car, even though she normally loves going places with me. Now that she can talk, I asked her what was wrong. She stopped sobbing long enough to tell me:

“I didn’t get to hug Xollie.”

In my best fatherly way, I told Eliana that Xol wasn’t going very far, and that we would see her in a few minutes after we got to where we were going. It took a couple of trys, but Eliana finally agreed. And, after a few more minutes, after getting on the highway, she was out cold in her car seat having missed her naptime.

Thanks for coming to visit Xol! Eliana misses you 🙂

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