New Year’s Resolution

10 01 2007

Every year, everyone seems to make the same New Year’s Resolution: lose weight.  I managed to climb on the bandwagon only because it just happened that we were able to join the gym this January.  This is the busiest time of the year at the gym, and the parking lot shows it.

Our current plan of using as much gym time as possible for me to go after work.  This means that I’m taking Eliana out of school, a place she stays for about 8-9 hours per day, and over to a child care center in the gym.  She has stayed there for the last couple of days while I try out the gym facilities.  By the time I’m done working out, it has typically been about 7pm.  This is pretty late according to Eliana’s normal schedule, and it seems to have an effect on her.  Yesterday, when I went to pick her up from the gym child care center, she was crying and in the arms of one of the facility attendants.   I was told that she had just started crying.  Asking Eliana why she cried was tough only beucase she would answer yes to every question.

Tonite, I came to pick her up and found her in the back where the big play area is, and as soon as she saw me, she started to cry.  It reminded me of when we first started taking Eliana to school. She would cry everyday for about 2 weeks. Now, she is used to it.  While I have no fear that Eliana will adjust to this new schedule, I have to ask myself how many hours is too much for her to be in the care of others.  I mean, as it stood before starting the gym membership, I only had nights after work to play (and bond) with her.  Now it’s reduced to car time (to/from school and gym) and dinner time.  Tonite, I think she was tired and went to bed pretty early.

I need to take care of my body, so that I can be there for Eliana and her sister in the future.  But, I also don’t want it to cost so much ofter her younger years that she grows to dislike any time I spend away from her and the rest of the family.  There are only 24 hours in a day, and I sleep for about 6 of those…




One response

11 01 2007

정영아 규나 정말 많이 크고 더 이뻐졌네..둘째키우느라 많이 힘들겟구나..전화한다면서도 뭐가 그리 바쁜지 미안하구나…메일확인하면 꼭 전화번호 다시적어죠..목소리좀 듣게

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