The Calm Before the Storm

13 01 2007

Since last summer, we’ve hardly had time to breath. The family schedule has been so jam packed full of things to do, we had very little down time.  Sometimes, this kind of hustle and bustle is good.  In our case, it is starting to wear on us. We’ve had narry a time to re-evaluate our plans, and events. The fast non-stop pace is making everyone edgy and tired. Eliana comes home pretty sleepy on more days than before.  She wakes up cranky a lot more (but that’s fodder for another post).  But, I don’t think anything has been as bad as the last couple of weeks leading up to tomorrow: Annabelle’s First Year Birthday Party.

A lot of preparation has gone into a simple 3 hour event.  However, given our experience from our last First Year birthday party, we want things to go off a little more smoothly this time around. For one, we will have less food. For two, well, we just know what will be coming. We’ve had to do all the preparations for the immediate party ourselves since the rest of the family is so far.  They have been very helpful in making some decorations for the traditional Korean Pictures we are going to take.

But, right now, things are very quiet. Both girls are sleep in their own beds.  Eliana was kind enough to put herself to bed while I was working on Annabelle’s DVD for the party. And, with just my wife and I taking care of some last minute preparations, it feels like the eye of the storm is upon us.  Tomorrow, when we open the door for the first guests, it will be pandemonum of levels which seems to always make me exhausted when it’s done. 

As I was cleaning up some stuff, I was holding Annabelle, after picking her up off the floor. She seemed tired, and didn’t have a normal expression on her face.  I went toward my office and just like in those SNL skits, or Team America, this little baby had some nasty vibes in her stomach that had to reveal themselves.  There were peas and carrots; but mostly some liquid that was probably milk at one point.  Yuck.  I think Annabelle’s just nervous about the party.  She sences it, I think.

I hope that with all the effort that my wife and I go through for these childhood experiences, that the girls can look back on the pictures and videos and say that they cherish these memories of our family time together. 




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