Head Banger

14 01 2007

When Eliana was Annabelle’s age, she used to bang her head on the high chair. It was weird.  We thought it was amusing at first because she only did that lightly.  But then the laughter was encouragement enough for her to start banging harder.  She went on to do this at nearly every feeding for a couple months. We would make her stop by putting our hand between the chairback and her head to soften the impact. I don’t think Eliana had any injuries from that, but it was fairly painful to us.  And, I think she was just doing it for attention.  I’m not sure why, because she was getting 100% of it back then.

Fast forward to child number 2, Annabelle.  She has also discovered the attention getting power of banging her head on the same high chair her sister banged on so long ago. While I still think she is doing it for attention (she has to compete with a talkative 2-3 year old), I don’t think she really likes banging her head as much as Eliana did.  For one, she doesn’t do that at every meal. Second, she stop fairly quickly.  Three, we don’t really laugh when she does that; not that it isn’t amusing, but we are still worried that she will hurt herself, and baby pain is not something we want to laugh at.  At least this type of attention getting won’t last too long.

It’s not long before she starts coloring her hair, and piercing her body for attention.  Can’t they stay babies forever?

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