Not So Fast

14 01 2007

So, here we were, ready to sell the house in a tough real estate market, and move the household one more time (hopefully the last time) to Oregon. Our reasons are plenty, most of which is that the area of Oregon we would move to doesn’t have desert.

Of course, I knew that the longer we waited, the hard it would be to move.  It has just gotten harder to move.  We have started making friends, Eliana now has friends, my family is near by (sort of) and we’re starting to grow roots here.  A disaster in terms of being able to pack up and move at any time.

Bearing in mind that we’ve had zero interest in our house because we haven’t been so motivated to sell lately (with so many distractions to boot), we’re going to try to not fight it for a while.  We’ll leave the house up for sale by owner, and just let it fly.  I mean, if someone wants to buy the house, good, then we’ll go to Oregon.  Otherwise, we have a good house in a good area, and we are finally meeting good people.  All key ingredients to a happy life.

Here’s to one more HOT summer!

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