TV Rots Your Brain

14 01 2007

Before Eliana went to bed, I sat down to watch the UofA Basketball game against Oregon.  After the game, instead of turning off the TV, like I should, I left it on and switched it to a movie I had not seen before: Air Force One.  I know a lot of bad stuff happens in this movie, but Eliana was playing on her own after the game, and I thought she wouldn’t be paying attention. Well, she played only through the nice parts (where there’s only talking and story building).  Just before the bad guys made their move, she came to sit down next to me, and started looking at the TV.  That’s when the guns went off, and the situation went downhill in the movie.

I’ve never liked the idea of people dying in movies, but alas, with the constant exposure, I have been “desensitized” to that type of violence in movies.  However, my daughter hasn’t had that exposure, and I didn’t want it to start now.  When the guns started firing, I quickly looked for alternative programming.  I found Robin Hood: Men in Tights. This was a good quick fix.  Then, they were getting ready to talk about the chastity belt, and I began to get uncomfortable again.  She should not know what that is at age 3…maybe at age 13…maybe (I haven’t gotten there yet, so I don’t know the answer). Needless to say, I looked for yet something else.  I found The Three Amigos, and things went well.. While there were guns, there was no blood.  There were horses for her to watch.  And people didn’t say bad things…only things in bad english.  And, it was still a comedy.

While I did eventually find something I could watch with my daughter on TV, I am not very impressed with the current offerings. I guess what I should have done is just turn off the TV after the game and go play in her room.  Which is just what we did after the Three Amigos had ended.

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