Rock Star

23 01 2007

It’s been no secret around my household that I have been a huge fan of Guitar Hero since I had the chance to play it a few months ago. Over the Christmas break, I took the plunge and purchased the whole setup: a PS2, 2 wireless guitars and Guitar Hero I and II.  It’s been awesome.  My wife loves kareoke, and I tell her that this is my kareoke…it is much easier to play this guitar than a real one and make some real progress.  If only there was something like this for real guitars…

So, the other day, I was playing Guitar Hero, and my youngest daughter Annabelle was watching the screen. I think she likes to see the animations on the screen. But even more so, I think she really likes the music.  So much so, that as I was playing, I could swear that I saw her head banging.  She was moving and groving to the beat of the music. It was a little tough to keep one eye on her and one eye on the game. It’s great that Annabelle likes music, and even better that she seems like music that I enjoy listening to and playing.  I think my children and I will become very close in the coming years as we find out that we all have many common interests.  Some of those will be a form of imitation as well as our concerted effort to expose them to different things. However, you cannot force what they natually like and dislike.  Many happy days are ahead for me and my daughters.




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