Happy Birthday, Annabelle

25 01 2007

Annabelle’s first birthday was January 19th, 2007. We had her great birthday party a week earlier on the 13th. One of the traditions of Korean children at their first birthday is to have a set of items in front of them to choose from. These items represent many different things that the child will achieve when they grow up. A pencil represent knowledge, and the child will become a scholar. A crisp $100 bill represents wealth, and the child will grow to become rich. A microphone represents fame. And, I’m not sure what rice and string each represent. Then each attendee votes for which item the child will choose, and receives a door prize.

Annabelle chose a pencil, just like her sister. I have two smart girls on my hands, I’m so lucky!




One response

4 02 2007

Hey guys! That is so awesome your children both chose pencils! Happy belated b-day Annabelle!



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