Milestone: Walking

11 02 2007

It was not long ago that the only way Annabelle could get around the house was by scurrying on all fours across the floor. we always enjoyed watching Annabelle crawl because we it was so unique to us. Eliana’s crawl was unique also; she would push herself backwards on the floor. But when she went forward, she would use her knees. Annabelle, on the other hand, has used all fours in an attempt to walk and crawl at the same time. The result is a baby that crawls almost like a spider. It was especially fun to watch when she learned to crawl in this manner rather quickly. She could scurry across the room in a couple seconds. Much quicker than crawling.

Around the time of her first birthday party, Annabelle started taking steps on her own. On her actual birthday (the party was a week early), she took three or four steps forward, unassisted. These were her first steps. Eliana took her first steps a 14 months. Annabelle at 12. Now, I’m not comparing both of them to say one is better than the other, but developmentally, Annabelle may have had more motivation to start walking. She had the desire to walk at nearly six months of age.

It has now been a couple of weeks, and Annabelle has just now started to walk on her own more than crawling on all fours. It’s only a short time before she is a full fledged toddler like Eliana is now. By then, Eliana will have moved on to whatever the 4’s are. These are definately the fun years. It’s too bad they can’t stay this small forever.




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