Annabelle’s Second Day

23 02 2007

Yesterday, was Annabelle’s second day at school (daycare, really). While I can’t speak for very many of the things that happened in class during the day over the last couple of days (I heard she cried quite a bit), there were a couple of interesting and funny things that happened when I picked her up.

When I arrived, I was in a bit of a hurry, so I just peaked into her classroom and looked for her. Yesterday, she was in someones arms.  I guess she was crying again, and that was the only way to get her to stop. She seemed fine through the window to just sit in the person’s arms. So, I rushed in the door, with a Kramer-like entrance, and perhaps surprised her a little.  Surprise or not, the instant she saw me, she balled her eyes out crying.  I immediately grabbed her, and she put her head on my shoulder, and grabbed me herself with her tiny little arms. It was obvious she missed me, but it was as if I had punished her, and she was apologizing.

While I picked her and her sister up, I was able to chat with our new family friends, the McSweeney’s. Only Maddy’s mom was there, so I talked to her for a few minutes while holding Annabelle in my arms. Eventually, it came time to head over and get her sister. So as we did, Annabelle was starting to say something.  She is pretty quiet, so I had to listen pretty hard.  But I know Maddy’s mom heard what she said next: “Ma – D”.  Maddy was in the room, and she was sort of pointing to her, so I knew she was referring to Eliana’s friend. Next, I heard another small squeak from Annabelle: “Ben-E”.  Ben is Maddy’s brother. Annabelle knows both of them! I was flabbergasted. It’s awesome that Annabelle knows people other than mommy and daddy and sister. I knew she was able to recognize faces at her age, but I didn’t know that she knew names.  Maddy’s mom and I were both befuddled in amazement over Annabelle for quite a while.

I truely have two smart little girls on my hands. I know they will continue to amaze me even as I share my knowledge and wisdom with them over the course of their lives. I look forward to being amazed on a regular basis.

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