Eliana’s New Class

27 02 2007

Recently, Eliana has been having a little bit of a hard time at school (daycare). I knew this not because she told me, but because I could see her actions when I dropped her off, and via the web cam peeking in on her at various times of the day. The last time I dropped her off, I did not know any of the kids in her class. All of them were smaller, and surprisingly, all the kids had diapers. This was a strong signal to me that Eliana needed to move on to the next level. Besides, I felt bad that she didn’t know any of the kids in the class. All her friends had moved on to the next class; I know how that feels.

So, it was with great joy that I didn’t see Eliana in her classroom webcam yesterday and to find out that she had moved on to the next class and rejoined her friends. When I picked her up that first day, she was very excited and extremely happy. I was glad to see her literally jumping with joy that she was able to play with Maddy again.

Now, I know that the next level classroom has higher expectations of the kids. I heard they already have homework. I never intended, nor will I ever intend, to push my kids to the next level so that they excel academically. More so, I know Eliana is a smart kid, and I know that she can handle it. And this time, I just wanted her to be happy and with her friends. Because friends are a huge factor in her growth as a little person.

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