Best Friends

5 03 2007

Recently, Eliana has moved up to the three year old classroom an drejoined her friends. She came home today and when I asked her who she played with at school, she told me “Maddy”, as usual. Then she told me that Maddy was her best friend.  I was so happy to hear that. It’s great that she has someone to play with at school. And, actually Maddy’s parents have joined us on a couple of visits to the gym for some fun recreational activities as well.

But, what really struck me was later at night, when Eliana and I were watching a movie. Eliana curled up next to me and said “Apa, you’re my best friend”. I kindly re-enforced that with a belated “yes, I am”.  The truth is, I will always try to be her best friend, and help her whenever she needs me. Sometimes I won’t be because I will be her father first, and friend second. I hope those times are few and far between as I truly want us to be friends for life.

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