More Surgery

9 03 2007

This past Christmas Day (2006), I went to change Annabelle’s diaper when I was amazed to see a large lump in a spot where there should be any large lumps.  This wasn’t some little red spot indicating diaper rash. This was a huge lump. It wasn’t red, and it didn’t seem to bother Annabelle. We toughed it lightly, and she didn’t seem to mind. We paged an on-call nurse to see what we should do, and we were told to see the doctor as soon as we could, but she would be OK until then. The lump went down before the next diaper change, but we were still worried. When we finally got to see the doctor, we were told this was a benign kind of thing that sometimes happens in baby girls. Lymph nodes sometimes swell, and cause no real harm. We thought it would go away soon enough.  Although, we were never able to show the doctor any evidence of the “bubble”, we thought that it would go away as she approached her first birthday.

Fast forward 2 months later: Annabelle still had the lump swelling come and go. We asked the doctor about this problem, and were assured it was a lymph node thing, and it would go away. We began to be unsure about this diagnosis, especially as we could never quite time our doctor visits correctly so that she would be swelling when she saw him in the office.  So, my low tek solution to the problem was to take a picture of it when it was swelling.  That way, the doctor can have more information to make a better diagnosis. So, a couple weeks ago, we took a picture of her swelling and showed it to the doctor. New diagnosis: Hernia.

Today, we saw the doctor who will be performing the surgery on Annabelle, and we needed to have a consultation. We showed her the picture we had taken (which she complemented us highly on) and immediately responded “Yeap, that’s a hernia”.

So, in the next couple of weeks, Annabelle will have her turn in the hospital repairing some muscle tissue in her lower abdomen.  I find it weird that both of my kids have had medical conditions that could eventually lead to some major problems if left untreated. Eliana’s heart problem has not revealed itself since her treatment, and we hope it stays that way. I only hope that Annabelle’s surgery and recovery are less stressful and painful than Eliana’s doctor visits were.

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