Another Busy Weekend

11 03 2007

This past weekend has been a busy one for us. First, there was the Chandler Ostrich Festival, then there was the parade the following day. And in case that wasn’t enough action, we took a trip to downtown Phoenix to check out the festivies at the Korean Festival.

The trip to the Chandler Ostrich Festival was somewhat of a last minute thing. I was very exicted about seeing the hot air balloons being inflated at night. I was also curious about attending an ostrich race or two. We made in time for everything! The first stop of the night was to catch the ostrich race. There were several races: 3 ostrich races, a camel race and some activities for the kids. My kids didn’t seem all that interested mostly becaus they are pretty young, and the action was short with long breaks in between. I had a good time watching people fall off the ostriches and getting some neat pictures.

Soon after the ostrich races were done for the day, we found the pig races. Those were slightly more fast paced, and the MC was quite funny, with a weird tennessee drawl (imitated, of course). Fast and furious, these races kept the kids’ attention for a little longer. My wife and I still had a good time listening to bad jokes, and watching pigs run for an oreo cookie.

We had some time after the pig races to catch a bite. I wanted to get an ostrich burger, but our cash on had was severly limited, and one burger would not have fed everyone. We found a place that sold a bowl of noodles. It was much more greasy than we are used to eating. So, in looking for a place for all of us to sit down and eat at, I spotted a table off in the distance with enough space. After we sat down, I spotted a guy riding one of those old style bikes with the large wheel. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was a clown in a kids show that was only a few feet from where we ate. We couldn’t have timed it better. The kids actually sat down and watched the clowns do their show. We were in shock. But it was great to see the kids having a good time without us providing the entertainment.

Next, was a visit to the balloon glowing. It was great to see some hot air balloons close up. Seeing them at night was a sight to see. We were close enough to the flames to feel the intense heat that is generated by the torches. Eliana and Annabelle were surprised by one torch and clung to us for safety. We were amused by their reaction because we knew they weren’t in any danger. I took several great pictures of the glowing, and some that weren’t so great, but I am pleased that I was able to capture the lights so well.

On the way out of the carnival we stopped at the animal zoo and let Eliana ride a pony. We passed through the rides area just to make sure that we didn’t miss something. We saw the carnival rides and decided that we weren’t missing too much. Maybe we we’re getting older, but those rides just don’t seem all that great…but, when the kids are old enough to want to try them, I will more than likely let them go, not only because they will probably go even if I say no, but because I want them to have a good time. That, after all, is what it’s all about.




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