And so it Ends…

20 03 2007

As quickly as it started, it has come to and end. I’m referring to Annabelle’s enrollment in daycare. It was a golden age for our family in that we were all more relaxed (well, everyone except for Annabelle). When we all spent time together on the weekends, it was time of sheer joy.  We all wanted to enjoy each other’s time.
But, alas, it was not meant to be.  For one thing, having two children in daycare is roughly the same cost as a house payment. For another, Annabelle seems to be more fragile than Eliana and as such, she was having a hard time adjusting to a whole day away from her mother. Annabelle has also developed a Hernia, and is scheduled to have it fixed.  With all the stress on her little body, that is not good for her hernia.

So, until we can figure out a better solution, for now we have decided to pull her out and let her mom take care of her again. She really enjoyed her first day of being back alone with her mom because her mom told me she was happy and excited to go everywhere with her all day. 

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