Happy Brithday Eliana

25 03 2007

Today is Eliana’s 3rd birthday. Yesterday, we held her birthday party at the Desert Breeze Park Railroad in Chandler. It was the most perfect day to have a birthday party in the park.  The festivities could have been handled a little better, but over all,  I think everyone left with a smile on their face with a memorable afternoon riding on the train and the carousel.

Three Years old. From my perspective, it’s been three years and 9 months since I’ve been a parent and had 100 times less responsibility than I do now. Three years ago, today, we were in the hospital, waiting for a new life to enter our world and bring with it all the joys, highs and lows of being responsible for this new life. The last three years have been crazy to say the least. As a family, we’ve gone through a few things that were difficult at the time, but now, we are a stronger family for it. The year I had to spend traveling between Tucson and Phoenix was tough, but the overall benefit to my family has been positive as we have more doors of opportunity available to us now than before.

The next three years will be filled with many more firsts such as her first day of school. The last three years went by so fast, it reminds me that these are the times we should pay attention to her (and her sister) the most, and cherish the time we have them at this age because they do grow so fast. The other bit of reflection that comes with her birthday is my own age. This year, I will be turning 30. I will be able to reuse that number 3 candle from her birthday cake, but I will also be reaching my own milestone of sorts. Not only do they grow fast, but I will as well. At the exact same rate, no doubt. We’ll all grow up together.

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