Sleep Early

1 04 2007

Last night was a battle of epic proportions. Annabelle had gotten tired a little earlier than normal and was obviously cranky, trying hard to keep herself awake by yelling, and running and shaking her head. She does this all the time, and it’s fairly amusing to watch.  Eliana on the other had had just finished playing with her friend who had come over for dinner, and was also starting to become cranky.  I don’t like to deal with cranky kids, so I sent everyone to bed. It was 7:20 pm.

Their “normal” bed time is 9pm.  That is very late when we talk to other parents.  Eliana’s friend’s bedtime is 7 or 8pm. The most often bedtime I hear is 8pm. I think we’re going to try to get an extra hour of sanity back in our lives by trying to put the kids to bed by 8pm instead of 9pm.  The kids sure weren’t wild about this idea either as they were just extra cranky. It took nearly 1 hour to get them just to stop crying. If there’s anything that drives parents crazy it’s crying for crying sake, which is what they do when they don’t want to go to bed.

After several attempts to get them to sleep, it came down to some bedtime milk to get them to calm down and sleep. It’ll be slow increments from here, but I think we can get them to sleep at 8pm pretty soon. Maybe even 7:30…

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