A Merry, Merry Unbirthday Tea Party

11 04 2007

This past weekend, Eliana was invited to attend a birthday tea party for her classmate Catherine. The party was at a little renovated house near downtown Mesa, AZ called Mrs. Pott’s Tea Party. The house seemed out of place even though it seemed to have been built in the early 1900’s.  Due to scheduling constraints for the rest of the weekend, it was Eliana and myself (her father) attending the party. I have to admit that having grown up a typical boy, I was never invited to a girl’s birthday party, and I was curious to see how little girls behave at these partys.

To prepare Eliana for the party, we put her in a nice tea dress. We saw “tea party” and thought a nice “sunday dress” would be good for the party.  When we walked in the door, I was impressed by the colors on the wall. I then saw Cinderella greeting the girls and painting their faces.  I thought this was perfect for 3 year old girls. 

I don’t want to go into all the details of the party, but there were some fun games for the girls like “Put the Crown on the Princess”, and “Find the Disney Princesses hidden around the House”.  There were more parents there than girls (which I thought was a little weird).  And, when it was time for the actual tea party, all of us parents were corralled into the “Parent’s Parlor” and we waited out of site for the girls to finish their “tea” (either apple or fruit) and sandwiches.  There were three varieties, one of which was chocolate and peanut butter. I wanted to try and see how that would taste. I love when there is chocolate in my peanut butter.

The party did seem to be scheduled right at everyone’s nap time, so a few of the girls were cranky by the end.  So, before everyone left, there was a photo opp with Cinderella, and I tried to get as many good pictures as possible.  At the very end, only Eliana and the birthday girl remained. Cinderella danced with them both.  I enjoyed watching Eliana having a good time with the kid music they played. She eventually started to lift her skirt in the front like Cinderella was doing while she danced.

In all, I think this was an excellent way to spend a couple of hours. Eliana had fun playing with everyone, and I really think she enjoyed hanging around Cinderella. She was tired when we left, as were the other girls, but she is such a well mannered girl that she just said bye to everyone and hopped into the car.  She had a snack from a googie bag, but quickly fell asleep.

I like to think that she was dreaming of princesses…

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