I never thought I would…

15 04 2007

… be married: As a fat kit, and a fat college guy, I didn’t have a whole lot of luck with the ladies. I guess i had a few friends who happened to be girls (women), however, I think they may have felt safe with me because I never tried to hit on them, or I was just not ugly enough to be in their circle, but fat enough so they would never date me. Not sure about that, but it only takes one, and I was lucky enough to find one who could see past the fat. Now, she doesn’t have to imagine any more.

… be a Father: I am not even 30 years old, and I have two awesome kids. How cool is that?! But even so, it was only a little over 3 years ago that I was initiated into the parent’s club. It hasn’t been easy, and at times I have been wishing for a little reprieve. There’s a lot to this Father business that I never would have thought about my parents thinking as I was growing up. It’s my time to learn I suppose…

… be the first of my family to graduate from college: I never really considered this an accomplishment since attending and graduating was a goal of mine since early high school. But, as I have been free from homework and final exams for more than 7 years now, I am still the only official college graduate in my immediate family. I guess I am more amazed that I have come so far removed from my grandparents who never attended high school.

… ride my bike so far: The first time I rode my bike to work, I lived about 1 mile from the site. It took nearly 20 minutes to get home. I was hopelessly out of shape, and not accustomed to taking my bike further than my neighborhood. About 2 years later, with a newer and faster bike, I was able to navigate the Rocky Mountains for 370 miles on a week long voyage. Two years after that, I took a trip from Seattle to Portland in 2 days. I have circled Tucson’s perimeter of 110 miles 5 times since I started that 1 mile bike ride home from work.

… be skinny: It has been quite a long time since I weighed more than 200 pounds. So long, in fact, that I now have only pictures to remind me just how fat I was since all residual feeling (like thinking your butt is still large) is long gone. I still have a belly, but over all, I am in the best shape of my life, and I hope to maintain this state of health through more diet and exercise.

…work at Intel (and IBM): It has an honor to work at two great cultural icons of technology. With the long history of IBM, and the short but hugely influential history of Intel behind me, I truely feel as if I am standing on the shoulders of giants. The day to day grind and office politics sometimes blurs my (and other coworkers) perspective of just what it means to work where we do, but I still go into the office everyday feeling so lucky.

… travel to the other side of the globe and come back: As a child, I would watch certain programs on TV of far off lands and think that those were places that I would never be able to visit in my lifetime. A prime example was Washington DC. When my Science Bowl team won a trip to WDC in high school, my parent’s told me it was a trip of a lifetime. I had no reason to doubt them. However, several years later, on a trip to Raleigh, NC, my girlfriend (now wife) drove up to Washington DC for a short trip. I also never thought I would leave the country and fly to South Korea. Or New Zealand for that matter. Both trips were awesome. However, growing up in the lower class ghetto neighborhood that I did, I never though any of this would be within my grasp.

… still be living in Arizona: Having my eyes opened up during college, I desperately wanted to get out of Arizona and see and experience other parts of the country and the world. I had managed to escape to Colorado for a couple of years, only to be sucked back to Arizona. Not that there is anything wrong with Arizona. But, just like any other place, people want to see and experience someplace different.

… take a yoga class: My parent’s never taught me or my brothers about other cultures or ways of thinking. They may have been more open-minded but still the thought of some weird eastern body poses as exercise seems beyond their realm of experience, and thus, out of mine…until now.

Now that I am on my own, I have been free to try all the things which I could or would have never tried before. I have taken it upon myself to learn things that are strange and new to me and see what fits my beliefs and characteristics. To this end, I have done, and will continue to do things I never thought I would have done based on my upbringing.




One response

19 04 2007

Hi Saul,

I liked your blog entry. Interesting insights. I’ve also found that despite its (sometimes very painful) challenges, life has a way of being better than we ever expected. Helps to think of these things so that in the hard times we can realize that usually things will work out fine.


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