She has so Much More Energy Now

6 05 2007

Annabelle has been in pain for her whole life.  We just didn’t know it. Her mom and I thought that she was just being cranky; we’d been told that everyone has to have at least one cranky baby, and Annabelle was ours. That was life until Christmas 2006. On this day of days, I changed her diaper only to find a huge bubble protruding from her groin area. We immediately asked the on-call nurse what it was.  All signs pointed to a typical lymph node problem. We we told to keep an eye on it, but that it would go away eventually.

The nightly crying persisted. Tempers flared, sleep was lost, everyone was in general not a happy camper. We kept seeing the bubble every so often, but when we would see it, it would go away in a matter of hours. Visits to the doctor didn’t help because she would never have the bubble during the visit.  After a couple of times of trying to get her doctor to see the problem in person, we decided to simply take a picture of if, and see what they say about the picture. That made all the difference. The instant diagnosis was a hernia. Annabelle needed surgery to have her tissue repaired. The answer to all the grief and sleepless nights was smacking us in the face now.  And, we felt so bad that we couldn’t have figured it out sooner. Life would have been so much more pleasant much sooner.

Annabelle finally had the required surgery last Wednesday. It was a rough day of not feeding her first thing in the morning (as we typically do), and then putting her under anesthesia in order to perform the surgery. Along the way, we were also told that she had an epidural.  It’s hard to hear that such a small baby has to go through these pains just to not have pain in the first place. Annabelle never did anything to deserve such a rough admission price to this crazy world.

Over the last few days, Annabelle has been a bundle of joy.  She normally has had a great sense of humor and was generally a pleasant baby. But, the last few days, she has practically been beaming with joy. Joy of being pain free. Joy of experiencing life without the constant reminder that something is wrong. Joy that she can play and not be held back by something she knew nothing about.  I hope Annabelle’s days of joy continue for the rest of her life; she as much as any other kid deserves a life and world full of joy.

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