How Did I Get So Busy?

8 05 2007

Life wasn’t always this way. I mean, I always had some time to spare for myself, even after the kids had gotten their fill of me for the day. Even after I had completed an entry in this blog, or edited some video or taken some more pictures of the kids and posted them on the web site or printed out some pictures for my parents (I need to start printing some for their grandparents in South Korea). Even after riding my bike all over the place or exercising at the gym. Even after going to Yoga class or shooting some hoops or playing some raquetball. And, yes, even after reading a magazine or two, or a new book I always had some time.

I found a little time this weekend to watch the movie The Queen with my wife. But still, it feels like I have had little time for anything else. But, really, what else is there? I enjoy all the things that make me busy right now. Even my work has an enjoyable feeling because I am learning new things and trying to teach new things to other members of my team.  Watching the kids grow up is also the most fun thing I can think of to do right now anyways, so I guess even thought I have little “free” time for myself, its still time I’m making use of and enjoying.

I just hope I can save a little time for my vacation in a few weeks.

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