She Misses Daddy

13 05 2007

I recently went on a business trip to Oregon for an entire week. It was nice for me to be in the green space and cloudy weather. I enjoy the sunny days too, but 330 of them per year, and they get old pretty fast too.

Being away from home for a week presented many challenges to our daily lifestyle. Just taking Eliana to school everyday was a challenge for her mom. But it also did not allow her to exercise, or even just relax.  Having two kids all by herself, my wife was being stressed to the limit, and I think the kids knew. They knew which buttons to push. As far as I could tell from my hotel room in Oregon, it was a mad house of screaming girls the whole time. They would call me to talk, which is good, but it sounded like they were complaining about each other. Sometimes they just wanted to say random things to me (my wife included).

Before this trip, I never realized how much I hold our whole family unit together. I never really did anything extra special. Sometimes, I hate to say, I’m just there doing my thing, and letting them do theirs. But I think it’s just my mere presence that keeps things in line. I’m there, so if they do something wrong, they will ultimately answer to me. And, it’s not that I am not kind hearted and easy-going with my kids. In fact, I have lots of fun with them on a daily basis. But, I do get upset when they don’t listen, or follow the general rule of order. But, luckily that doesn’t happen too much when I’m here.  When I leave, I guess it’s a different story.

So, when I returned from my trip, I had not seen my family for a whole week. Not a long time in the grand scheme of long times, but it was long enough. I was happy to come home to see my three girls, but I was sure they were even more happy that I was coming home. I took the late flight out of Portland, and arrived in Phoenix arounnd 11pm. It was another hour and a half before I finally arrived hope. By then, everyone was asleep.

I entered the house after my wife unlocked the door. I made my way to my bed, and found Eliana asleep there. It was then that her mom told me that she was waiting for me.  She didn’t want to sleep in her her because she knew I was coming home, so her mom let her wait for me in our bed. I was kind of sad when I heard about this; I guess I had been gone too long.

I always knew my kids loved me, but with the everyday hustle and bustle of real life being the only time you interact, it can be challenging to know how much they care.  It is easy to forget the times that bring everyone together, this trip was one of those times. While I can’t guarantee that I won’t forget in the future, I will make a more concerted effort not to forget next time.

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