We Need a Vacation

14 05 2007

It turns out that adults aren’t the only ones who need vacations. Eliana has been in a little funk lately. She’s been a little more confrontational than normal, and has really seemed to want to do more things than we have time for.

This morning, I took Eliana to school, and she was just sitting in the car. I then told her that we were going on vacation, but she needed to go to school first. Her face lit up and she was very happy after that. I was rather surprised, but then, maybe I shouldn’t have been. I think rewards are natural, and making this little trip seem like a reward is just what she needs.

But, it’s not just Eliana that is excited; her grandfather called me saying he was looking forward and ready for the trip. Eliana’s mom has mentioned to me on numerous occasions that she is ready for a break. I guess I am too. However, my point of view is that I will be the one coordinating the trip and doing all the leg work. I may get a few minutes here and there, but I think i will end up busier than a normal vacation.  I guess that will be ok, as long as everyone else has fun.

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