Kids Say the Darndest Things

20 05 2007

Eliana is 3 years old and talks to us with nearly complete sentences. We are able to communicate with her. We are able to teach her things by just telling her. But, as we progress through our lives together, we are finding that Annabelle is starting to have more things to say everyday.

As any normal 1 year old, Annabelle would just mouth some sounds that didn’t make much sense to us. I think she is still learning to use her mouth muscles to talk. Her most common words as of late have been “ohma” (mom), “ahpa” (dad) and “puppy”. She was given a little puppy for her birthday, and has taken it with her to bed every night since. 

But lately, we’ve been amazed at the rate of her increased vocabulary. Recently, I was telling her mom that she needed a diaper change, so I took her to her spot to change it. As most parents do, I was talking to Annabelle, and I asked her if she needed a new diaper. She actually replied “yeah”. Short, and concise, I wasn’t sure if she was in fact answering my question. Then she started to say something else. It wasn’t quite “diaper”, probably something like “die-pah”, but in her soft baby voice, it was still a little difficult to make out. But once I finally realized what she said, I repeated it to her, and then she repeated “die-pah” again to me. Cool.

Now, when I have the unfortunate task of changing Annabelle’s diaper, before I do so, I ask her “does Annabelle need a new diaper?” Most of the time she says “Yeah!”, a whole lot louder.

But, that’s not all she is saying. She has also said “sista”, “o-ni”, “ahm-ma”. She also answers all of our questions now. But the most we ever get out of her is “Yeah!”

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